Learning Team - Debriefed

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  • Published : January 29, 2008
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Learning Team – Debriefed
University of Phoenix

Learning Team – Debriefed
There are many potential benefits from working in a team environment. The benefits can include creative collaboration where knowledge can be shared to improve the quality of the project. "Cross-functional teams bring people from a variety of disciplines together," which can create a highly successful team (The team working together, n.d., p. 181). This is accomplished by considering individual perspectives in order to ponder given situations and then create positive and successful solutions. Also, by working with high functioning teams it can improve the ability of team leaders and team members.

Each team member provided a unique background and perspective to offer creative ideas for the assignment. One member brought a general and philosophical approach to ethics which provided the foundation for the paper. The other members provided insight into specific situations in which ethics in the workplace were illustrated in positive or negative connotations. By melding each of the three members' perspectives and abilities we were able to produce a higher quality paper. Especially given the fact that none of the team members had experience in writing a paper using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association style and format, we needed input from all team members to be successful in producing a quality product. Team participation was very important in providing this quality product. Each member posted their respective portions and the other team members provided input for improvement. The iterative process of editing each other's pieces enhanced the substance, grammar and overall quality of each as well as, the collaboration of all segments.

While working on the Week 3 Learning Team B Assignment titled, Workplace Ethics, our team members worked together successfully to earn an acceptable grade of a...
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