Learning Team Assessment Through Flexnet Course

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Learning Team Assessment Strategies Paper and Presentation

With Flexnet course being one of the best flexible course design it therefore means that the learners can always log in online anytime for the classes and complete their coursework within their own pace. These has helped in cases of diverse students as they all can log in at different time and study and finish their work on time without any worries. The only deadline that on the students will be the fact that when the class ends the assignments should all be done and completed at that time. In some cases they are flexible and they can only attend the physical lectures at least once. When it comes to assessment it presents a challenge especially for a course where the students enrolled are diverse like in our case. That means each of the student has different and varying learning styles, and also the experience in the healthcare is varied so do the ethnic and cultural background of each of the five students who are employees at different hospital having different systems. The evaluation and assessment methods that we shall use will not be different from the ones held in the physical campus. Assessment Methods for FLEXnet course

With the class having five different students, each is expected by the end of the course to have; been able to identify patient confidentiality issues, identify various types of work-related harassment and the consequence of such actions, and be able to relate the need to maintain confidentiality of patient information and proprietary organizational information to work-related situations. Therefore various method of assessment can be used to know whether the objectives have been achieved or not. Some of the assessment methods that can be used for this course include: Timed Tests: For the timed tests to be administered the learners have all to be online as the tests can only be offered on the Learning Management System platform. With the timed tests the students will not have assignment deadlines instead the students will only sit for the exams when they are ready and once they start the exams, there is a limited time they are expected to finish the test. The timed- tests will normally consist of multiple choice questions, questions that require short answers, true or false questions and even matching questions. For example the types of work-related harassment would be very appropriate for this type of questions as most answers required will be short and precise and also the aspect of true or false questions can be relevant in this case. Since most of the time will be spent online and the course itself is offered online, the administration of questions and even grading is done automatically with the Learning Management System which will mark each students work automatically. This means that it will be very convenient and can be adopted and implemented very fast especially since the instructor will spend little time grading the tests done by the students thereby, reducing the time spent by the faculty in assessment instrument development and grading. The test scored will be done objectively without the aspect of human subjectivity and error. For a group it will be appropriate to use this in some units in the course. The main disadvantage will be basically measuring the students’ ability superficially and therefore it will not match the specific objectives of the course. In cases of the five different students it will not be easy to check the changes that would need to be made for the objectives to be achieved just by referencing to the timed test. Projects: When a project is given the main objective of it will be to help the student in learning and understanding a concept. The instructor can decide to give the students different numbers of responsibilities that they need to research for example the students would be told to research on the patient confidentiality issues and therefore they will use the hospital as the places of...
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