Learning Styles Questionnaire

Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Education Pages: 6 (1054 words) Published: November 21, 2010

Adapted from FEDA Project (RP M132 H) 1998

This questionnaire will help you to discover the way you learn best: visual, audio or practical. You may show a strong preference for one learning style and, if so, you can become a more effective learner by developing the alternative styles.

• There are no right or wrong answers and there are no trick questions.

• You can take as long as you need to complete the questionnaire. (It will probably take between 10 and 30 minutes.)

• Answer all the questions to get the best results.

• All answers are “Yes” or “No”. Circle just one answer per question.

• If you want to answer “Sometimes” think about whether you agree more than disagree with the statement and then answer “Yes” or “No”.

• To get the best results honesty is very important.


|1 |When you are describing a party/holiday to a friend do you describe the music, sounds and |Yes | | | |noise? | | | |2 |Do you use your hands when you speak? |Yes | | |3 |Do you prefer the radio or TV to keep up with the news and/or sport rather than reading a |Yes | | | |newspaper? | | | |4 |When you use a computer do you find the visual prompts useful, e.g. the icons/pictures in |Yes | | | |the toolbars, highlights and underlines, etc? | | | |5 |When you have to take down information do you prefer drawing diagrams and pictures rather | |No | | |than writing notes? | | | |6 |When you play noughts and crosses or draughts can you picture the “O” and “X” or counters |Yes | | | |in different positions? | | | |7 |Do you like taking things apart or repairing them? |Yes | | |8 |When you are trying to remember the spelling of a word do you tend to jot it down a few |Yes | | | |times in different ways until you find the one which looks right? | | | |9 |When you are learning something new do you like spoken instructions, e.g. talks and/or |Yes | | | |lectures? | | | |10 |Do you like making things? |Yes | | |11 |When using a computer do you find the bleeps and sounds useful to tell you that you have |Yes | | | |done something wrong or to show when you have finished something? | | | |12 |When you revise/study or are learning something new do you like to use diagrams and/or |Yes | | | |pictures? | | | |13 |Are you quick and efficient at writing information down? |Yes | | |14 |If something is said to you do you usually remember it without it being repeated? | |No | |15 |In your spare time do you like doing something physically active, e.g. sport, walking, |Yes |...
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