Learning Styles Invetory Test Analysis

Topics: Learning, Music, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: May 5, 2008
From the first website about investigating learning styles I found that I learn best with visuals and interactive experience. After I took the DVC Learning Styles Inventory test, my results concluded that I am a visual/nonverbal, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. My visual/nonverbal learning results suggest that I write down a summary after a lecture. I will retain information much better by writing down notes rather than memorizing the lecture. As an auditory learner, I should read out loud flash cards or information that I need to memorize. I currently use this learning strategy to prepare myself for class. For example, for my chemistry class I have note cards that I read out loud to help me remember key terms. The results as a kinesthetic learner suggest I use the computer to reinforce learning through the sense of touch. I should type out important information from my notes on to a Word document. By changing my study habits to fit my learning style, I will become a better student throughout college.

After I read the website on Hemispheric Dominance and took the test, I found that I am a right-brain thinker. The website gave a complete break down of a left-brain dominant thinker’s approach to studying versus a right-brain dominant thinker. From the information, I found that as a right-brain dominant thinker I tend to see the whole picture first and work my way backwards. One tip that the site recommended was to make sure to read the material before the lecture. A dominant right-brain student is more creative and uses an intuitive process. From my readings I have learned that as a right-brain student I need to approach my studying habits differently. If I practice and apply techniques for learning as a right-brain student, I will become a stronger learner and understand concepts at the college-level.

My highest scored intelligence area was musical. I love music and it is a significant passion. I enjoy listening, learning, and making...
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