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Learning Styles and Study Skills in the Classroom
Why is it important for content teachers to "understand" the learning styles of both themselves and their students and to “teach” applicable study skills to students in their classes? Are there differences in study skills for English, history, science, and mathematics classes? If so, what are the comparisons? Learning Styles

I agree that as teachers should have “a thorough knowledge of what we teach, the ability to interpret such knowledge authentically, and the skill to communicate effectively” (Brummelen, 2009) It is very important that we know and understand the material ourselves, but the act of teaching it to our students goes way beyond our knowledge. Our job does not simply consist of relaying information about our subject, but conveying that knowledge in a way that will stimulate a deeper learning. I believe God created each of us with the desire to learn. We are born discoverers. Anyone who has ever had young children can tell you they live to discover. Let a two year old loose in the backyard and see how much they will find! If we are just looking for ways for our children to memorize content and facts then I believe we have failed as teachers. It is definitely important to understand the different learning styles that our children may have, but we need to do more than teach to those styles. We need to use that information to light a fire of passion in them to be the discoverers that they naturally are. We should present learning in such a way that our students are given opportunities to apply their own abilities and gifts to the process. We are the ones that set the tone for our classroom. We need to implement a variety of learning activities that nurture every type of learning style, but we need to do it in such a way that doesn’t extinguish the innate passion for learning God has gifted within each of us. I’d like to quote a facebook friend of mine Kelly Halldorson who said, “If only...
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