Learning Styles and Modalities

Topics: Education, Learning styles, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Know the difference between learning styles and learning modalities.[1] Learning styles: what do we know?[2] What are learning styles?[3] Learning styles are simply the way a child learns best.[4] Learning styles theory says that there are different learning modalities and that individuals have a preferred modality.[5] A consequence of this theory is that effective teaching should present a variety of teaching methods which cover all three learning modalities so that different students have equal opportunities to learn in a way that is effective for them.[6] There are four learning styles that most people fit in to.[7] Students will often have a dominant learning style and a secondary learning style although in some rare cases, a child will show equal preference for two learning styles.[8] Of the four learning styles, the visual/verbal person will want to use color coding to help them retain information from books or notes.[9] The visual learning styles try motivating this learner via visual and non textual clues such as graphs, charts or media and assorted visuals such as a power point presentation or a general picture.[10] The second of the four learning styles is visual/non verbal.[11] The third of the four learning styles is tactile/kinesthetic.[12] [4] she explained that kinesthetic and tactile learning styles refer to activities such as knitting and running.[13] The last of the four learning styles is auditory/verbal.[14] Learning styles theory says that an auditory learner will learn things better when they are presented aurally.[15] Auditory learning stylestry using using jazz chants and sing-song approaches to introduce new vocabulary.[16] And, used creatively, multimedia tools can certainly stimulate creativity across many learning styles.[17] Many children have different learning styles, and thus need to be taught differently.[18] No one learning style works best for every student, and, in fact, most students learn using a variety of learning...
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