Learning Styles

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Preferred Learning Styles
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429: Family-Centered Health Promotion Josh Lake
May 10, 2013

Preferred Learning Styles
This paper will discuss the students’ current preferred learning styles and strategies. A comparison of current strategies with suggested strategies will be provided as an analysis for change in future study habits. An analysis of the VARK learning style will also be provided for a basis for this examination and future learning strategies implemented by the student. Students who have been taught to recognize their specific learning styles are believed to retain knowledge at a high level and demonstrated a high level of self-efficacy (Mayfield, 2011).

The students’ current learning style has typically been through the use of book study and note taking. Book study has provided the most in-depth and comprehensive understanding of abstract ideas, scientific theory and concepts centered on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing theory and practice. Preferred Learning Strategies.

The current preferred learning strategies of the student can be identified as previous experiences are analyzed. Lecture note taking, book study with outlining, paragraph summary, and highlighting. Class discussion with question and answer sessions have also been utilized. Lecture Notes

The student has attended lectures with the goal of taking notes. Notes on the highpoints of the lecture and even recordings of specific lectures have been utilized. Note taking has been done as book highlighting, and lecture slide printouts (as available). Audio recordings have been found to be particularly useful as the student can take notes and review notes as the lecture is listened to at the students’ leisure.

Book Study
The student has found that book study has provided the most in depth understanding of new principals and ideas. There are a few types of methods used during book study. Outlining the paragraphs, summarizing paragraphs and...
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