Learning Styles

Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: April 20, 2013
In our study skills lesson this week we considered learning styles. We looked in particular at the honey and Mumford learning styles questionnaire to discover how it affects us in education. I have noticed that during group work i tend to discredit other people points quite quickly if i don’t agree. In this week lesson we had the chance to find out four different learning styles. First learning style is activists. These people tend to attempt the challenges of new experiences. They are enthusiastic and open mind people. They tend to act first and then consider the consequences afterwards. Another learning style is reflectors. These kind of learners are thoughtful people who like to consider all the possibilities observe and there analysing all available data before making a move. They tend to have a low profile but they are good listeners. Another category is theorists. These people are usual perfectionists. They tend to be detached, analytical and dedicated to rational objectivity. Whatever they do always step by step, logical way. The last and fourth of learning styles learned in class was pragmatist. These people learn if something works in good way and practically that is the best way for them eager to try out ideas and theories. They are very enthusiastic about trying new ideas. They like to act fast and confidently on ideas that attract them. All four learning styles have many advantages and possibilities for people want to succeed. It depends from people and which categories tend to. I tend to a pragmatist because i am very enthusiastic about searching for new ideas and try to make them work. Essentially i like making practical decisions and solve problems. One of the things i find great about honey and Mumford questionnaire is that you can look at what you don’t do so well and try to improve it. I am more than happy to be a pragmatist but i also like a few things on other categories. I prefer to work alone like theorists and i am a good listener like...
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