Learning Styles

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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There are many different kinds of people in our society today and everyone has a different style of learning. Aural, visual and kinesthetic are the three main types of learning styles. Aural learners are people who learn by hearing people talk. Visual learners are people who learn by watching something that is done and explained. Lastly, are kinesthetic learners they learn best by doing the things by hand. Each learning style has some strengths and weaknesses in certain classes. My learning style is kinesthetic, because of that I had difficulty learning in my Human Physiology and Anatomy (Bio 201) class and I have developed a couple ways to help me perform better in future classes. There are many tests out there that will tell you what kind of learner you are. When I took the test I came out to be a kinesthetic learner. Many things describe kinesthetic learners. For example, when I was taught something I preferred to learn by hands on activities. When I educated in this way everything seemed to make sense. As an illustration, when I was in basic training and military police school, most things were taught by notes on PowerPoint’s (Death by PowerPoint is what we called it), I wouldn’t get the subject until we actually went out in the field and actually did what we learned hands on. In high school when my classes were ninety minutes long, I would have a hard time listening to the teacher when they just stood in one spot lecturing. Therefore, kinesthetic learners would pay more attention when a teacher would move around the room, use their hands, and use pictures or drawings. As a kinesthetic learner I take a lot of notes while in class, but when it comes to studying I hardly ever use them. Even though I do pretty well in most of my classes, I do have a difficult time learning in a class because of my learning style.

The most challenging class for me has been my Bio 201 lecture. Bio 201 was set up with about eight rows of desks with three columns of three desks,...
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