Learning Styles

Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Education Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Professional Studies 1 – Assignment 1: 2011/12

A ‘learning style’ is ‘the way in which somebody approaches the acquisition of knowledge and skills.’ (QFINANCE – The Ultimate Resource 2009) There are many different ways in which an individual can find their specific ‘learning style’ ranging from various tests and consultations to the online questionnaire. Focusing on the online questionnaire, there are a number that somebody could choose from including Honey and Mumford’s Learning Style Questionnaire, the VARK model and the Memletics questionnaire. They all provide different views on what a type of leaner an individual can be. I took the VARK questionnaire and the Memletics questionnaire to find my learning style, one was more detailed than the other, however they both came to the same conclusion. This was to be expected as both questionnaires are derived from David Kolb’s initial theories on learning styles.

The first questionnaire I completed was the VARK questionnaire (see appendix 1) it consisted of 12 questions and then assessed you on your visual, aural, kinaesthetic and reading/writing learning attributes. I scored highly in aural, visual and kinathestic which led to the VARK model describing my learning styles as ‘multimodal’. Therefore according to the VARK questionnaire I am not a specific type of leaner but instead would benefit from using different learning methods to acquire knowledge. Unfortunately I did not find this questionnaire entirely helpful as it was not very specific. The model itself only has 4 different types of learning so when analysing learning styles it cannot be accurate enough for definite results due to this it is likely that most people are deemed ‘multimodal’ learners as it is the most generic result. Even though I didn’t find the questionnaire accurate, it was a good place to start when trying to find out my learning style as I learnt that I was not a reading/writing leaner at all as I had a low score compared to the other...
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