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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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The Key to Success
Imagine having a family with two children living a decent comfortable life. This is a great thought which is obtainable. Being able to support a family of this size can be difficult at times when money is an issue. The thought of not being able to give your family everything in their life they need to survive and thrive can be heartbreaking. A comfortable lifestyle is obtainable if one plays their cards right. This is the main reason I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Going to school to further my education is the key to my success. Many wonder what life would be like to make enough money to comfortably support a family. Living the single life without a family can be fairly challenging in today’s weak economy. The thought of having one or two people depending on you for food, clothing and shelter can be overwhelming at times with an insufficient salary. This is one of the main reasons I choose to better myself and finish my bachelor’s degree. It is proven statistically that people with higher levels of learning earn a salary greater than one with less education. Having a sufficient salary to support a family is a great motivator for me to obtain a college degree. Nothing compares to having everything your family needs and a college degree could possibly open the door to this.

My key to success is going to college. One must know that college is no walk in the park. Learning is the objective of college and at times this can be difficult. The main reason some find college difficult is they are learning subjects in a manner that does not benefit the individual. There are websites that can tell a person which way of learning is most beneficial to that individual. I recently have taken one of these surveys at a website found at http://www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm. There are different learning styles such as visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. From the survey I completed, I am a visual learner.

As a child my father would show me how...
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