Learning Style

Topics: Learning styles, Education, Preference Pages: 5 (1224 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Learning Styles
Present: Barnett Donna, Clark George, Leece Duncan, McKenzie Alison, Peden Bob, Simpson Alison Apologies: Rennie Joan.
All those present filled the Checklist of Learning Styles and the results were tabulated (see below). The main learning points are that different people have different preferred learning styles and that some people are more flexible in this respect than others. PILE – Practical, Imaginative, Logical, Enthusiastic

We then reviewed the handout Learning Styles and Training Mismatches. This reinforced the above point using different labels (PRAT – Pragmatist, Reflector, Activist, Theorist) and pointed for the need of trainers to (a) be aware of their own preferences and (b) to design training sessions with a range of activities so that they will please all of the trainees at least some of the time. Table: BPL Staff Piles

|  |Practical | |I work systematically on subjects I don’t enjoy as well as on |  |I would not describe my approach to work or learning as |  | |ones I do | |systematic | | |I check through everything I write to ensure its flow and |  |I like to spend a lot of time just thinking |  | |accuracy | | | | |I pay great attention to detail in all I do |  |I enjoy making connections between different topics, and enjoy |  | | | |finding out how ideas link together | | |I like to understand how things work and how ideas have been |  |I can spend a lot of time thinking about work without actually |  | |developed | |getting down to it | | |I enjoy solving problems and posing new questions |  |I prefer thinking and talking to written assignments |  | |I like tackling one task and completing it before undertaking |  |I like to find new and original ways of completing and presenting|  | |another | |work | | |I am a good critic, asking searching questions and raising doubts|  |I like to work in bursts of energy |  | |I prefer to work through problems for myself |  |I like to float ideas with other people |  | |I like to make lists, work out timetables and have clear action |  |I am comfortable working without timetables or plans |  | |plans | | | | |I prefer to listen to ideas rather than talk |  |I enjoy working out new questions and alternatives |  | |I rework any project until I get it right |  |I would rather work from, and produce, creative diagrams than |  | | | |straightforward lists | | |I stick to timetables and action plans I have made |  |I don’t like detail; I prefer seeing the whole picture |  | |I learn best by studying things for myself |  |I enjoy challenging ideas |  | |I like reading for ideas and coming to my own conclusions...
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