Learning Strategies

Topics: Learning, Learning theory, Knowledge Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: June 4, 2012
In the poem “Students” by Tom Wayman, it reviews four theories with context on different learning methods. The first theory is the Vaccination Theory of Education”, detailing how once you have learned a subject, you never have to review or touch on the topic again for it is lodged in ones brain for all eternity. However, such a learning technique seems foolish because as time goes on, materials tend to fade in ones brain unless occasionally reviewed. With this in mind, material previously learned would venture from one’s memory and would leave them lacking of knowledge on the subject. For the best learning, many people including myself would prefer the knowledge once learned to be forever held by the beholder, to use in future situations. The next theory is “The Dipstick Theory of Education.” This theory relates learning to that of a car engine; only needing oil to a certain line, therefore only needing to learn to a certain degree. This again seems unrealistic to the many dreamers out there, who are constantly trying to extend the limits, the ones who do not want to be blocked by barricades. Countless material is available for the public’s access, which means the learning a person can achieve is limitless. This theory seems adequate for those individuals who only want to get by in life. However, the majority of the population who want to succeed and be proud of their success are going to want to stray away from this theory, for it will only prevent you from following the path you truly want to go down. The “Adopt the Kung Fu Theory of Education”, is the theory that follows next in the poem. It reviews the idea that one can use knowledge as a self defense mechanism. This theory makes complete sense to me. How else would a person be able to back up their statements, ideas and opinions better, than with knowledge? Not only does the knowledge help in that area, it can help a person grasp a better understanding of the world around them, as well as it can improve...
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