Learning Review Week3

Topics: Psychology, Feeling, Want Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Learning review week 3
1. Core Conditions
2. Carl Rogers
This week I had not been in because my son was started nursery for the first time and started at 12 and I had to be in college for nine so it was impossible to cum in, but I was able to get one of my classmates to collect my work so I wouldn’t be behind. I was told we were discussing Carl Rogers and he’s theories, Carl rogers was bought up in a Christianity home were him & his family never expressed their feelings so he was a very quiet child and knew being otherwise would bring judgement to his family. In 1924 rogers attended a theological seminary and from there went on to study psychology at Columbia university, in 1928 rogers received his ma and then began working with children and their families and while doing this he developed his own theory of self-awareness that once a counsellor has connected with in themselves then they will have a better understanding of your client. Rogers also introduced the study of the three core conditions 1.Congruent : This means to be real being totally in touch with your feelings not acting like an expert but being yourself so you can connect more with your clients without a front. 3.1

2.Empathy: Being able to listen and take in what your client has said and understand the feelings they are feeling, being able to put one foot into their world because maybe u have been in a similar situation. 3: Unconditional positive regards: This means to be non-judgemental, warmth acceptance on whatever is being said weather it’s the present or past, also to understand everyone is as important and as equal as each other. Out of these three conditions the one I see the least is Unconditional positive regards. I get judged a lot because of the fact that I have four children, people that don’t know me or see me on the street with my children assume I don’t have ambition, want to live off benefits, must be struggling to raise them and must have four...
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