Learning Privilege: Lessons of Power and Identity in Affluent Schooling

Topics: Teacher, Education, Middle class Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 14, 2012
This article talks about the “hidden curriculum” that most private and affluent schools teach their students apart from their formal curriculum. These “hidden curriculum” are taught as the norms, values and beliefs that are embedded in the curriculum through their daily routines and the students social relationship. According to Howard these “hidden curriculum” are taught to protect the students social class and their basic believe of them being superior then others. The article sheds light on the upbringing of the students that attend these schools in such a way that they believe themselves to be “above others”. The believe that there’s only one right way of knowing and doing. They are also thought that success comes from being superior than others and that they can do whatever it takes to win. They think that fulfillment is gained by accumulating and that others are too different from us to relate to them.

Before I moved to America from India, I attended private school my whole life. Mostly all the values and beliefs Howard talks bought were taught at my school too. Majority of my school’s students were from a upper class families so the school was “ruled” by their beliefs and their “values”. The small amount of students that were from middle class like me usually did things or acted like the “rich students way”. There was only one way and that was the “rich way”. We had to change our views and our beliefs because we were taught of no other way. Even the teaches were biased towards the upper class students. Since I started that school right from the beginning, I had no problem in changing my beliefs or molding my views so that they will be similar to the other students ideas. But at home my parents who were born and raised in a middle class society had totally different ideas then me. What I believed to be right and their definition of right were complete different. But as I grew older I learned to be two different people. One me was the way everybody at...
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