Learning Preferences

Topics: Psychology, Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Learning Preferences
1. Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum.

My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum is a giver (32). Every word on the list of giver describes me. My honesty is probably one my strongest. As I get older and being the mother of two terrific boys, I just feel at this exact moment in my life there is no need to lie. Honesty is the key, but sometimes I feel I am a little too honest and may hurt someone’s feelings, but not intentionally. I just feel “it is what it is”. I love promoting peace whether it’s a world issue or family. I just think that everyone would be a lot happier in their lives if we can be honest with one another and promote positivity. I hate drama.

2. Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself.

In the Personality Spectrum Assessment it contradicted me on being a visual learner. In the Multiple Pathways to Learning Assessment it resulted in me being under-developed, but in one of the activities in the Personality Spectrum it said that I was fine in this area. I must say it left me a little baffled, but at the same time I feel my answers can vary to certain situations that can me contradict myself in this case. I feel that I can adapt to different learning environments quite well, just like I’m learning the OLS. This is definitely an contradiction. The Barsch Learning Style Inventory activity made me realize that I am more proficient in the kinesthetic learning style than I am a visual learner. This activity made me think hard and deep about what my learning abilities are and what I thought they were. I definitely love working hands on and encouraging others. I am usually the one that normally starts dishing out ideas first when I am grouped up with others. .
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