Learning Partnership Coordinator at the Trade Union Studies

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This submission is entirely my own work unless I have used quotations marks to indicate my reference to the work of others

My role within Trade Union Studies (TUS) is Learning Partnership Coordinator, my duties are to develop learning partnership with trade unions, employers, the College and community groups.

About 25% of my time is to organise and deliver teaching and learning for trade unions and community groups. For example, the role and functions of the union learning rep, environmental sustainability and ICT. I recruit and enrol trade union (TU) learners to short courses (five days). A key responsibility is the awareness, information, advice and guidance given to trade union learners who are returning to education for a second chance to learn. Many have had either a poor experience at school or fears about taking up formal education and walking into a formal institution. Giving support and confidence is critical within the first hour and throughout the remainder of the course. Learner needs are firstly identified in the enrolment process and in within the first couple of hours of the course, where activities are designed nationally or customised to revel who is taking notes, asking questions and what the workplace issues are. Learners can also contribute to course content during the early stages of the course to make sure there are covered. For example skills in writing letters, problem solving and speaking with confidence.

I am bound only to train trade union reps and community groups because SFA funding is only for the Trade Union Council (TUC) approved courses. Our funding only covers 19 yr olds plus. Accreditation is another boundary as this is agreed by Open College Network (OCN) and TUC every 5 years where learning outcomes, assessment criteria, levels and progression pathways are agreed. Within this there is scope to customise courses to meet different learner needs and sectors. But our accreditation principals must be adhered to....
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