Learning Outcomes Population Genetics

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Define population structure (as an emergent population property) * Population structure encompasses a number of attributes, including the density and spacing of individuals (spatial structure) w/in suitable habitat and the proportions of individuals of each sex and each age class. * Population distribution and spatial structure together give pic of the arrangement of pops in space. * A population consists of the individuals of a species w/in a given area. Potentially interbreeding organisms of the same species existing in the same place at the same time. * Individuals w/in a population come together to reproduce, thereby mixing the gene pool of the population and ensuring its continuity through time (each pop lives w/in area of suitable habitat) * Many populations divided into subpopulations- (smaller) local population between which individuals move less frequently than they would if the habitat were homogeneous (limited to ecologically suitable habitats) * Population extent, distribution, is the geographic area occupied by a population. * The distribution of a population in space is called its geographic range. * Population size is the number of individuals in a pop (may vary w/ food supplies, predation rates, nest site availability, and other ecological factors. * Emergent properties

* Demographics
* Structure- density and spacing (spatial structure), age/sex structure, size * Dynamics-birth and deaths rates, pop growth rate, dispersal (immigration/emigration)
Explain the concepts of niche, dispersion, and dispersal  
* The range of physical conditions over which species can persist is referred to as the fundamental niche of the species * w/in the range of conditions, predators, pathogens, and competitors can limit the distribution of a species to a smaller realized niche * environmental conditions influence pop abundance and distribution by influencing...
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