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Question 1

Learning Organization according to Samson & Daft (2009, pg. 36), can be achieved by creating an organizational climate that values experimentation and risk taking, applies current technology, tolerates mistakes and failure, and rewards non-traditional thinking and the sharing of knowledge. Discussing the extent of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) being a learning organization, two characteristics most popularized by Peter Senge in his book The Fifth Discipline that can be highlighted in this institute are Personal Mastery and Team Learning.

The commitment by an individual to the process of learning is known as personal mastery (Smith 2001). An organization is always looking for a competitive edge over is competitors. One of the ways is to achieve this is to own a workforce that is efficient in learning and catering to dynamic needs of the business market. TCS promotes individual learning considering it an important feature to be a learning organization (TCS 2010). TCS associates are encouraged to develop skills and improve knowledge for fast issue solving. The organization provides ample resources an opportunities to implement the same such as Internal Learning web portals, Business related certifications and Knowledge transfer sessions about various domains with skilled mentors. TCS ensures constant development of its associates and ensures learning activities to be included under goals of each employee for each appraisal year.

Team Learning is the accumulation of individual learning with major benefits resultant efficient and effective combination of expertise and skills to improve the problem solving capacity of the organization (Wikipedia 2011). TCS, being today’s one of the largest IT companies, realizes team learning to be a factor that’s improves its productivity and potential. A work environment facilitating openness curbing organizational structure barriers is ensured. The team members have healthy interaction, productive learning discussions and open communication. Knowledge transfer sessions are conducted for the team members so that they are associated with various domains relating to present business market apart from their work sector. It is understood that individuals impart their knowledge and skills to their team associates for outstanding results.

The characteristics displayed by the organization is testimony as the above mentioned points express how seriously TCS takes personal mastery and team learning to be an effective learning organization.

List of References

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Question 2

Organizational culture is a primary component of functional decision making in universities where its cultural values, like the practice of ones faiths and customs, are principles that sustain connections with our cultural roots. They help you feel connected to a larger community of people with similar backgrounds (AllExperts 2008). One of the core values of USQ is success for its students both on and off campus providing open and flexible education.

USQ is able implement its core value by its encompassing education that is ‘open’ in terms of it being broadly accessible to prospective students of all ages and ethnicity and ‘flexible’ in terms of its ability to cater to the needs of a diverse student constituency in a wide variety of geographical locations and creating a platform for the USQ Brand promise of “Fulfilling lives” (USQ 2009). Being a distance learning student on an off campus facility in INTI Indonesia holds no boundaries for a student...
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