Learning Organization

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1. Give 3 definitions of Learning Organization

* A learning organization is an organization, which facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself. ( Pedler, Boydell and Burgoyne, 1992) * A learning organization has managers who create an environment where the behaviors and practices involved in continuous development are actively encouraged. (Honey, 1996) * An organization in which learning is valued, and consciously managed and supported. A learning organization develops and uses the knowledge, skills and experience of those working within it and around it, to change the way in which things are done. (Lewis, 1996)

2. Give 5 assumptions of Learning Organization

There are many assumptions behind Learning Organization. One of them was learning is a good thing. It will improve the quality of learning by individuals will give a positive effect to the organizations. Besides that, learning needs to be planned. Plan helps to increase the quality and quantity of learning. Staff learns the required behavior and not unwanted behavior. Other than that, team learning is easier to sustain. Individual learning difficult to sustain. Shared learning able to increase team effectiveness. Furthermore, learning is continuous. It is an ongoing process for everyone. And lastly learning needs to be on the conscious agenda. Behaviors that support learning agenda should be recognized for an example through appraisal system.

3. Explain 5 main characteristics in Learning Organization

Looking in
1. Reward flexibility. The ability of the organization to deliver rewards to staff. 2. Internal exchange. Involving all internal department collaborating and exchanging information with each other about their expectations, success, needs and weakness.

Looking out
1. Boundary workers as environmental scanners. All employees who can boundary of the organizations obtain information from both formal and informal sources to feed into the organization’s knowledge base. 2.Intercompany learning. Collaborative working and networking promotes learning ethos and offers other sources of knowledge and learning.

1. Learning approach to strategy. Policy and strategy are developed as a learning process, which involves research as well as reviews. 2. Participative policy making. Enables all organization members to continue to major policy decisions.

Learning Organization has flatter organization’s structure with fewer layer of management.

Learning Opportunities
Self-development development for all staff and learning climate involve developing learning culture.

4. Explain the 5th discipline develop by Peter Senge

System Thinking
Person in learning organizations engage in systems thinking as they view their work team, the role of their work team in organization, and the organization’s relationship to the larger environment.

Personal Mastery
It means charting a course of development that leads to a special level of proficiency through lifelong learning.

Mental Models
Enable us to rapidly size up new situations and take action and can be found at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Shared Vision
Produces a much higher level of sustained commitment than is possible when the vision is imposed from above.

Team Learning
It has to do with improving the processes in a team to improve its effectiveness.

5. What are the role of leaders and manager in Learning Organization

Vision is clear statements which are focused and directed towards something or state that everyone in the organization can aspire and work towards.

Give individual members of staff both the power and responsibility to manage themselves and their activities in the workplace.

Mayo describes the ways in which calculated risks may be encouraged in the workplace by * Throw away the rule books
* Investing in innovation
* Creating...
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