Learning Models for Addiction

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Behavioural approach say that addiction is learnt and it could be learnt through operant conditioning, classical conditioning and social learning theories. Individuals will typically learn to persform behaviours because they are associated with the onset of something pleasant(e.g. feelings of euphoria) or According to operant conditioning,

Classical conditioning sees addiction occurring through stimuli being associated with each other. One of these, the UCS produces a certain response naturally. The other, the conditioned stimulus(CS), produces the same response but through association with the first. For example, grifiths argues that gamblers playing slot machine… The near win is exciting and rewarding, the slot machine becomes associated with the rewarding feeling (physiological response because of dopamine). So addicted to slot machines and gambling Operant conditioning sees dependency (like drug taking/drinking) is positively reinforced through the reward it gives. So behaviour repeated and stamped in. (afterwards this may create neuroanatomy change) operant conditioning also argues that the addiction is reinforced through negative reinforcement through the need to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Social learning theory sees addiction as a result of vicarious learning- behaviour is observed and imitated. If the ‘model’ is seen to receive some reward- the observer is likely to copy and repeat behaviour. (media/family) EVIDENCE

* Meyer found the sight of hypodermic needle created positive feelings in addict( what does this suggest?) * White et al found rats preferred locations where they had previously received injections of drugs(what does this suggests? * Farber found important difference between alcohol use through negative reinforcement (avoid withdrawal) and positive reinforcement (pleasure). (suggesting different types of learning) * Vietnam veterans who had become addicted to heroin while in Vietnam- those...
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