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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Learning Log
In my learning log I have a lot to talk about as I had started Middlesex University and a key topic this year is Human Resources, I do enjoy lectures as it is my last class on the Monday and my seminars would be my last lesson on the Thursday, so I always try my best to ensure I work hard before I leave to make my journey home. We had been introduced to seminar sessions in our second week of starting the course, seminars were introduced. I enjoyed my first seminar more as I was allowed to express myself and the class was not too big. However, what we did in the first seminar was we got to know one another and different personalities of others. We had been given a blue book which had our seminar exercises and some notes for us to help us with our seminar exercises. We did a case study on understanding human behaviour followed with questions to ensure I was aware of what the topic was about and giving me a brief introduction of what seminars would be like and we also had to analyse a diagram on organisational behaviour which was pretty straight forward and we ended the first seminar with indulgency patterns to broaden our knowledge for human resources as the first seminar was a rather straight forward session. In the second seminar we done an activity on schools and characteristics was simply a table with two choices we had to put the correct answer for each characteristic with the right school of thought. We were then asked to do an individual portfolio self-analysis asking us questions on our physical, education and training, work, attitudes and personalities, it was good as everyone had a good think about themselves as this session was just about individual characteristics. My favourite seminar had come this was week 3 as it was more questionnaires on a scale and we would circle a number, when we had finished this questionnaire, we had to add the scores of our decisions on the scale to see our personality trait (OCEAN). We had a score for each...
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