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Topics: Management, Strategic management, Information systems Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Business Information Systems - Learning Journal|
Information Systems – Understanding Information|
My name:| Tadhg Haran|
My student number:| G00293036|
The work you present in the file must be your own and original.|

1. In two sentences, this is what I think differentiates data and information. Information is anything that is communicated.
Data is based on fact and is unprocessed information.

2. These are what I think are possible tangible and intangible benefits that an organisation may gain from using information effectively. 3 possible tangible benefits| 3 possible intangible benefits| i. Improved Inventory| i. Helps to enhance customer service| ii. Increased Production| ii. Greater customer loyalty|

iii. Helps reduce administrative costs| iii. Helps to enhance the company’s public image|

3. One person’s information is another person’s rubbish. Explain.

4. Having thought about it, this is what I think strategic management involves… (no more than thee sentences). I think strategic management is the process by which a company’s top management, which include the owners and stakeholder’s etc. , devise a plan of action which the company and its employees adhere to in order for the company to be profitable and successful.

5. Give an original example of a strategic decision.
An example of a strategic decision within a company might be to focus their efforts on a new product in order to enhance the company’s reputation and profit.

6. This is what I think tactical management involves… (no more than thee sentences). Tactical management is the use of tactics to implement strategy. This is different from traditional management in that in traditional management there is usually one procedure for getting any action done whereas tactical management allows the manager to select appropriate tactics for best achieving the objective.

7. Give an original example of a tactical decision.
Examples of...
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