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Getting updated on the school activities and other related matters is not as easy as now that the technology of online school network has been implemented on several universities here and abroad. In an academic institution, it is important to maintain a very reliable and consistent system that will provide students the necessary information for better learning and contribute to the academic excellence. Inconsistency of the school documents, improper storage and manually handling of the students’ files should be given such attention that later on might lead to a huge school problem. Generating an online portal that will lessen the manual handling of documents will promote less error and develop a very effective approach to interact with the school society in a way that will be easier for both the faculty members and the students.

Nowadays, students depend highly on online school websites or online portal for their everyday lectures, assignments, school accounts, schedules, discussion forums, and more. A student portal is an online gateway where students can log into a school website to access important program information. It will be easier for the professors to provide students the daily lessons, assignments and the informing of upcoming school events if an online school website is present. Hence, it will benefit the students the accessibility to their school affiliations and the satisfaction of reliable information. The Integrated Online Network (ION) aims to provide such effectiveness in Computer Science and Information Technology Student Society in Philippine School of Business Administration as a massive step towards school advancement.

Furthermore, the ION will ensure the confidentiality of the information only to the subjected user to substantially decrease a variety of risks connected with disclosure of such sensitive information. In lieu of this, our study aims to create the ION with the main purpose of providing the CSIT students the one of a kind school experience. The ION provides a fast, secure and reliable way to handle the different major tasks in managing one of the school's assets, the students.

Background of the Study

Managing several sections in a day is a lot of work for a professor. It will require most of the time of the day to attend to every student’s inquisitions. Lack of communication means failure of an organization. Having an online network in particular school departments can help make the school speed up its daily performance. Considering the availability of internet all throughout the country, it is very convenient to be updated in school matters whenever and wherever. They say that we are far beyond the technology before. We are in a modern era and performing better than yesterday. Living in this society where advancement is everywhere, it will bring us advantages if we embrace the high-technology that is available for us. We should maximize our potentials to improve the teaching capabilities, communication, and interaction between students and professors. Integrated Online Network is an advantage not just for the school but for every user; for one of the best gifts of technology is the ease to communicate. As we all know, there are circumstances where the handling of school documents undergo error due to unorganized...
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