Learning in the Rhu

Topics: Learning, Health, Skill Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: July 19, 2011
Learning Feedback Diary

NAME: Melbourne Revocal
SCHOOL: Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines
C. I.: Precious Isis Tamo, RN
DATE: July 07,08,14,15, 2011
AREA: Rural Health Unit Iguig, Cagayan

To have an opportunity to apply my knowledge, skills and attitude in giving service, restoration and maintenance of health and wealth through application of basic nursing concept and processes we have learned from school.

To orient us to their own rules and regulation in the RHU •To encounter the unique attitudes of people and to enhance our ability to adjust and have a therapeutic relationship with them •To educate patients about their condition for them to be aware and learn how to prevent and manage the disease through health education LEARNING:

As they say, “correct practice makes perfect”. Having my first RLE duty at RHU Iguig makes me feel nervous, excited, and anxious. I’ve enjoyed staying there and learned a lot of things. I was assigned to be the team leader of our group on the first day of our duty and I assisted my group mates in their responsibilities. I’m amazed with the new setting, new faces, new people to mingle with and other more. I’ve learned there how to do the calendar method of family planning, I’ve applied my skills for the intramuscular site of injecting medication or vaccine. I’ve also learned the different types of vaccine, their doses, route and many more. I’ve also learned the different methods of family planning, also how to do the IV insertion, how to admit people for their check-ups , on how to locate client’s medical records and specially I’ve learned how to establish rapport to my clients and also my group mates. Learning by listening and acquiring new knowledge you have learned in practical situations will lead you to your goal – oriented objectives that shall be aided by our motivation in life, which will innervate our success in the future. To ma’am Isis, the...
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