Learning in Teams

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  • Published: July 9, 2013
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Learning in teams
The write up below is going to be in support of the statement which says “learning in teams is better than learning alone”. so first of all, the word learning is going to be examined and we are going to have a better understanding of the word. What is learning? Learning basically means the act of acquiring new, or having a better understanding of previously known, attributes, skills, behavioral values e.t.c. And may also involve the combination of different types of ideas, styles or systems together. The capacity to learn is in the nature of human beings and animals. Progress in relation to time tends to follow a pattern. Learning is not, mandatory, it is contextual. It does not happen all at the same time or all at once, but it builds upon and is carved by what we already have its knowledge or what already know in the past. To the very end, learning may be perceived as a process, rather than a compilation of facts and practical knowledge. So learning in groups has a lot more advantages than disadvantages sort to say in the sense that there is nothing in the world that does not have both disadvantages and advantages and in any argument the one that has most advantages and less disadvantages is said to be the most preferable. Learning in teams is better because of the following reasons: •Faster learning

Eliminates postponement of work(procrastination)
New perspectives(fresh ideas)
Breaks monotony
Edit errors
Get to learn new ways of studying
Improves communication skills
Analytical thinking
The points above are going to be explained in detail to show how effective and how efficient learning in teams is. Faster learning
Faster learning in the sense that when students study in groups, it gives room for the best student in that particular topic to explain it to the rest of the group and in explaining it he unconsciously is getting better at it and other members who don’t really know much about the topic will understand it...
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