Learning in Classrooms Versus Online

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Learning in Classrooms versus Online
There has long been an argument of whether learning is better in a classroom or online. Not many people like going to school in general, but it is something that anyone wanting to be successful in life should do. Taking classes online can be beneficial to some because it lets them work from home, but it will take away from their overall learning experience. Many people, though, enjoy being able to go to a school and be in a classrooms because it allows them to be around their peers and socialize. Going to an actual school is better than doing online schooling because students need the motivation to do well, it provides a more social environment for students, and being in a classroom inspires effort.

Being in a school motivates students, in many ways, to do better than they would online. In the classroom a student has the opportunity to talk to teachers directly and build relationships with them. Being enrolled in an online school takes away this ability, which makes it harder for students to stay focused, if they need help. Sitting in a classroom, while sometimes boring, will keep students’ main focus on the class at hand; whereas, being in an online class, you can be easily distracted by your surroundings and lose focus. A former online schooling student said he started his online course with enthusiasm, but soon felt alone and unsupported (Learning). When there are classmates around in an actual classroom doing work, it will motivate other students to try do better. Being around others will also create a competitive environment, which will make each student want to do better than his peers. While the need for motivation is a big plus of going to school, another is socializing.

Students go to school not only to learn, but also to be around and socialize with their friends. Being in an actual school allows students to see each other face-to-face and communicate directly which is a good life skill to have. While some may...
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