Learning How to Read

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Brooke Bull
Mrs. McCall
English 1301
25 March 2013
Learning How to Read
Do you remember how you learned to read or write? Do you remember who taught you how to read or write? Everyone, when they were young, learned to read and write in different ways and forms. Most children probably learned to read and write by their parents, some by maybe their grandparents, or other family members. I remember I learned how to read by several different people. My mom, dad, aunt, and grandmother were the main people who taught me how to read. I would sit beside my mom, or on her lap, and she would point to the words to see if I could remember and recognize them. First it was “and” and “the” and such, but gradually, following her finger as she read, I picked up, first more words and then how to sound them out. I was reading on my own by kindergarten. I never understood why I was being taught to read out of these books. I always thought it was sort of weird, but once I started getting older I started to realize that those books helped me through all the things I had to do once I started school. I always remember my mom yelling at me saying “Brooke!! You have to read a book to me before you go to sleep!!” I would always yell back at her “No!! I don’t like reading!!” From that point on my mom started teaching me how important it was for me to start reading and learning how to pronounce all the different words. By the time I started kindergarten, I already knew how to read and comprehend what a book was saying.

Starting school and knowing how to read already felt great, except, the fact that a lot of the other kids looked at me like I was a nerd. They were confused because they didn’t understand how I already knew how to read and understand already. They would always ask me “how do you already know how to read?” I would always respond with “because my family always made me read with them and follow along with them for the past year, and I picked up quick”. All the...
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