Learning How to Forgive

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  • Published : September 13, 2012
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Lin Article Critique
Liberty University

Lin Article Critique
Article Summary
Researchers believed that they could help people change their lives for the positive so they began working with clients to empower them to learn how to forgive. They did this by gathering test subjects to prove their hypothesis those substance dependent clients who also deal with anger problems benefit from treatment in forgiveness therapy (FT) (Lin, Wei-Fen. David Mack, Robert Enright, Dean Krahn, and Thomas Baskin 2004). Clients were provided of Forgiveness Therapy while in an inpatient-substance dependence treatment facilities and the focus was to offer clients the tools to control their emotions, overcome past hurts while empowering them with the ability to make a conscience choose to give up old resentments and look towards a hope-filled future (Lin et. al. 2004). Participants had backgrounds of combined histories of childhood sexual abuse, spousal abuse sexual and or physical abuse or stranger abuse. The study was to show that the multi-cultural group of test subjects would be able to reduce their lack of angry outburst; they would have less depression, and as a result stop self-medicating with illegal substances. Overall researchers found that the 12- session treatments provided for clients had a positive impact on reducing anger and that it would be beneficial for further research Lin et.al. 2004). Forgiveness Therapy intervention consisted of four phases. The first being uncovering and the second was where the client had to make a decision (Lin et.al 2004). The third phase is the working phase and finally the last phase is where the client called the discovery phase (Lin et.al 2004). Per the article there were forty-three people were referred to the study while there were only seven men and seven women that completed the program (Lin et. al. 2004). All participates had to meet the DSM-IV criteria before they were allowed into the program. The sample...
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