Learning from Mistakes

Topics: Learning, Miles per hour, Autobahn Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Learning from our mistakes is part of being human.  It something that we all experience at various periods of our lives and it’s a natural process of learning. For example, when one learns a new language, It takes time to produce the language correctly and accurately. We can notice many mistakes and errors during practicing and producing a language; but as we identify the mistakes made and learn from it, we become more proficient in that language. By comparison, in life we all make mistakes as well, but it’s only when we choose to learn from our mistakes can we truly become a better person. During the past twenty years, I have learned many lessons as a result of primarily making mistakes.

My mother is a wonderful person, and as I grew up I learn to appreciate and treasure her advice. It wasn’t always that way though, when I was young I remembered being ignorant and rebellious. One incident that I remembered was when my mom told me to always obey the speed limit because one day I will unexpectedly have to pay the price.  Not only could I kill myself by speeding, I could kill other innocent people that could have been involved.  Unfortunately, I choose to learn my lesson the hard way. I was caught for speeding on a city street by a police officer.

    I had just finished my classes and was heading home. I decided to take a different route home. Although it’s a longer route home, I like it because of its beautiful scenery and its twist and turning roads as you cross a hill. It was the typical setting to be accused for a driving offense. The weather was nice and sunny, and there weren’t any cars on the road. Hence I decide to enjoy by speeding around the twist and turning roads. As I speed through each apex, I gain more confident and drove faster. In no time, I reached the top of the hill and began my descend. While I was driving downhill, I saw a police car parked in a small parking lot. Immediately I turn to look at my speedometer which indicated that my...
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