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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Reflection work
The objectives of my learning experiences at London South Bank University, first year, I had to do a presentation on my sales pitch. My reflections I was nervous to do my presntation to the class as I’ve got to know majority of the students I thought, one of the students, might put me off. It would have been essier to do my presentation at the beginning when I started uni, as I didn’t know anyone. In my opinion I thought that my sales pitch presentation could have went a bit better . I had to take a deep breath before I could start. Even though I had my notes in my hand and knew what I was going to say, I spoke, but froze at the same time and I was getting confused about what I was saying and I think, that the audience did too. Once I finsihed my presentation I got asked questions from the audience and I was confident then,when given an answer. This applies the same to my business environment unit. I need to overcome this experience as for my pathway choice on Multimedia Computing during week12/13 I’ve got a presentation. In order to improve I need to practice, to overcome my shyness, by taking deep breaths and blocking my emotions. At the end of the day, it’s my future and only I can solve this problem. Career wise will involve presentations. The blogs and feedback from dynamic business systems unit was very useful. As I experienced issues within my work and reading through the students blog, gave me a better understanding why these issues occurred and what I needed to do differently. The feedback I received from DBS, made me realise I need to proof read my work and to not rush what I’ve written, if I want to get a better mark. I’ve learned I need to focus and work on my time management to achieve a better result. I’m going start doing differently by reading more. From reading through previous essay, I’ve realised that all my essays start the same. I need to amaze readers with my essay. Another point would be contributing more in classes,...