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In this proposal report, I will study about the use of mother tongue in teaching and learning English. I will survey teachers and students’ ideas about this topic and withdraw the conclusions. The main findings are that the assistance and interference of mother tongue (Vietnamese) in English class. This study is thus a survey in which interview and observation were used to gather data from teachers and students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry- the Faculty of Foreign Language. The samples consist of four teachers, fifteenth students of DHAV6A and fifteenth students of DHAV4B. I need about one month to carry out this report. I expect that this report can be a suitable material for other students who want to study this issue in the future. Through his research, I also have more choices about my teaching method in the future.


Today, English is an international language understood and spoken in almost countries in the world. English truly links the whole world together. In Vietnam, since we joined into many economic associations like Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), participated in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and recently become the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), more and more investors have required English as a means of communication, have poured capital into the country. The demand for a skilled labor force having good command of English speaking skill has become increased and consequently, English has been the first choice in the country. However, the communicative competence in English of Vietnamese workforce has not met the requirements of the employers. A large number of fresh university graduates have not been employed by foreign enterprises because of their poor English listening and speaking skills (Ha, 2007, p. 9). Although in Vietnamese education, English is one of main subjects in many secondary schools, high schools, and even universities or in some primary schools in Vietnam, they also teach English for children as well as teaching mother tongue (Vietnamese), many teachers often use Vietnamese in their teaching of speaking process. There are some arguments about using Vietnamese in English speaking class. Some people say that Vietnamese will assist much for teaching and learning English speaking skill such as helping teachers explain difficult words in English, explaining some localization word of Vietnamese, helping students understand fully what the teacher teach, help students chat to each other more easier…However, some people say that using Vietnamese in teaching and learning English speaking will interfere the teaching and learning process like not improving student’s communication,… This led to the idea that all use of the mother tongue in the language classroom should be avoided (Harmer, 2001:131). In many materials of teaching and learning language, writers have given a lot of good ways to teach and learn speaking skill most accuracy and effective. These arguments now are severe, and still not give any concrete conclusion about using Vietnamese in teaching and learning speaking process in English class. So, is it should or should not use Vietnamese in English class? What are the roles of mother tongue? What are the purposes of using Vietnamese in English speaking class? How can teacher use Vietnamese in the most effective way?

The purpose of the study is to find out the amount of English and Vietnamese are used by both teachers and students in English class and the reasons why teacher and students use Vietnamese in English class. Most importantly, the use of Vietnamese has positive or negative effects on the learning of English. The significant of the study lays in the fact that there are a little professional research and material about this topic. Studying this topic can help we have more suitable and accuracy methods of learning and teaching English in English class.

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