Learning Domains

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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2. What is an objective from each of the learning domains for a 75-year old female who is two weeks post hospitalization for cardiac bypass surgery?  

1) Cognitive: dealing with intellectual abilities

She will participate in problem-solving to develop a plan of care for her rehabilitation and post CABG lifestyle changes. I will present information the patient will need to control her condition in words the patient understands. If the patient understands why she had surgery in the first place, what behaviors led to the coronary artery disease, the patient should have a greater understanding that if she continues to smoke, live a sedentary lifestyle eat foods with saturated fats, her condition might worsen and might be fatal.


2) Affective: including expression of feelings in the areas of interests, attitudes, values, and appreciations

She will be able to verbalize ways to integrate her values and interests into the planned lifestyle changes enumerated in the plan of care. Verbalization of how she will change her lifestyle shows that she is beginning to accept that changes are necessary. Most of teaching and learning will depend on the patient acceptance of her diagnosis. It is necessary to teach the patient that lifestyle changes will occur and this is the best time to start cardiac rehab but discussing this with the patient and making reasonable attainable goals will help the patient accept, adapt and obtain a better outcome

3) Psychomotor: skills commonly known as motor skills

She will be able to demonstrate the skills needed monitor Blood pressure, take prescribed medications such as digoxin and metoprolol, plan a menu to enhance low cholesterol diet.

It is necessary to have the patient return demonstrate self Blood pressure check and medication administration. This would indicate if there was a problem with the patient sight and reading skills and provide her with necessary interventions.  

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