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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Learning Diary: MindTree, A Community of communities
This case demonstrates the importance of organization’s value system & culture, how culture of a MindTree driven by its value system becomes an integral part of organization and also how does it contribute in its business. MindTree as mid player in IT wanted to differentiate itself from large IT industry (SWITCH) and its leader used culture inhabitance as a tool to differentiate and achieve non linear growth in market. Building a value and then creating a dedicated focus for that value in employees are keys in developing organization as an institute. MindTree’s value CLASS (caring, learning, achieving, sharing, social responsibility) is an excellent example to show its inherited value system. Flow of communication from higher management to all employees plays an important role in developing transparent environment. Sharing a SWOT analysis and employee’s understanding what is happening in Mind Tree became an integral part of its business practice. To achieve a higher goal, organization needs to identify leaders internally and nurture them by learning & development program. Bagchi’s gardening process to develop 100 leaders in MIndTree was a unique method. Knowledge management is a specific tool which helps employee to enable learning through sharing domain knowledge, having informal discussion, providing lesson learnt & best practices on a common platform. MindTree’s KM function was a highly recognized and utterly successful. Developing community based on socio technical approach and raising it from first level of community of interest to third level capability building was unique feature of KM community. Community maturity model of MIndTree was behind the success of KM environment. These communities enhance the innovation and create a new capability within the organization that help in business development & project productivity improvement, although its effectiveness is yet questioned....
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