Learning Diary

Topics: Finland, Rovaniemi, Student Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Pham Xuan Tung Learning Diary R1200620 YH1J Orientation studies
* 3rd September 2012: The orientation course started.

All students from IBS, IT and tourism sat together in the conference room. We were introduced to many friendly tutors and teachers. I was very interested in the speech of Mr Juola- Head of the Rantaviitikka campus. We were also introduced a very useful book called study guide. After finished the class, I decided to created my own library card with my friend’s help.

* 4th September 2012: The first look about IBS programme. At 10.00 am, IBS coordinator-Mrs Anzelika Krastina introduced to IBS12 group of 40 international students. I was satisfied with this introduction because I knew about: study methods, course contents and project work and practical training issues. After lunch, we were introduced to IT & ICT course by Mrs Tuijja Kuisma. We also met IBS11 and IBS10 groups. I had many useful advices from Mrs Tuijja Kuisma.

* 5th September 2012: Planning International evening project. From 8.30-10.00, we got together with friends from IT and Tourism. They makes me feel like there are no distance between different degree programmes. After that, we continued to discuss about the International evening project. Because we have 40 international students from about 8 different countries so our coordinator decided to divide the class into 4 groups. As a result, we will 4 performances from IBS12 group. After lunch, we came to room c117 to learn about education principles and policies. We were also presented a new study method called: problems based learning. this was a completely new experience for me and I was really excited to start with...
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