Learning Arabic Using Information Technology

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  • Published : October 9, 2010
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‘Learning Arabic using Information Technology or teacher centered approach: Which one is more effective for beginners?’

Arabic language is a compulsory subject for every student in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). For those who have basic knowledge of Arabic language, it is an advantage for them but for those who have not learnt Arabic language before they enter IIUM, it will be difficult for them to understand and catch up the lessons. Therefore, Information Technology can be the methods or tools for the beginners in helping them to learn the language and understand the language better. On the contrary, some students believe that learning Arabic language through teacher centered approach is more effective and understandable than using Information technology tools such as computers, softwares and the internet. Here, students depend more on lecture based and face-to face interactions. They refuse to learn the language using Information Technology approach and feel uncomfortable to the integration of computer technologies as one of the method in teaching and learning activities. However, Information Technology tools cannot be understood as a replacement to the essential role of a teacher.

The purpose of the study is to identify whether learning Arabic using Information Technology tools is effective for beginner students who are learning Arabic in IIUM. Another reason or purpose of the study is to know whether teacher still plays the important role or not if Information Technology is used in teaching and learning process.

This study will be significant in promoting Information Technology as the method in learning Arabic language for beginners. It is also beneficial for students and lecturers in implementing an effective learning skill in Arabic language. Moreover, this study will be helpful as a recommendation in improving the style of teaching using Information Technology in IIUM....
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