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Assignment 2: Reflection

In this essay, the author has chose Scenario 2 which is regards to a 2nd year student in her clinical placement. The student however is failing to perform and meet her learning outcome.The author decided to use Gibb’s reflective cycle in achieving the learning outcome of student. Gibb’s model is a process of reflection, in which the practioner does not only describe the experience, but also includes an evaluation. Feelings experienced during the event were also analyzed, thus making sense of what other options can be undertaken, (Anon ,2010).Nurses are constantly encouraged to be reflective in their practice and behaviour.This is as, nurses are responsible for providing quality care to their patient’s and family. This requires them to utilise their knowledge and also update their professional skills to meet quality demand as meationed by Sommerville & Keeling (2004). Reflective nursing enhances the nurse to become self-aware, self-directed and connected to their environment.

I am a Senior Staff Nurse working in Ward 3 for the past 10yr. Ward 3, is a busy general surgical department. However, due to bed admission constraint, chronic and acute medical patients are also logged into the ward. Thus nurses in my ward are expected to be versatile in delivering the demands of care to their patients. As part of the organizational practice, I was assigned as a mentor to student nurse Joyce. Joyce is a 2nd year student, who was undertaking her mid –year 5wks placement. She was also assigned a preceptor, a junior staff nurse who has a year of experience in the ward. During the 2 days of Joyce attachment, I received rather unflattering feedback from her preceptor as well as other nurses in the ward. I was rather fustrated to know that Joyce was apprently been reporting to work late thus giving excuse that she had overslept. I was even more dissappointed and angered to know her care for patients’ were unfinished whenever she was delegated to do simple procedure or duties. I was also told that she is rather unsafe to practice as she was unable to accomplish even certain procedures acquired in her year 1. This opinion further raged me and made me wonder how she could have pass and promoted to the next level of the course. I decided to observe her myself by allocating same shift. I was agitated when she did not complete her task allocated. Such an incident that made me upset was, she took vital signs for a patient but did not complete the procedure by documenting it. I also noticed that she was unable to priortise her work, so this made her an unsafe nurse in uncompleting the task. She was caring and kind; readily available in providing assistance when in need of help. However she lacked confidence in her work and upon questioning on her skills, she was unable to rationalize. Being confident in one’s work, professional conduct, delegation and priortisation and safe practising are essential attributes of a nurse. The overall observation made me very disappointed with Joyce.

Being assigned as her mentor, it was necessary for me to share the feedback accumulated and observation made on her. Communicating expectation from her as a 2nd year student was indeed necessary. Joyce was comfortable with my approach and thus she was confided her feelings to me. She justified her reasons that during her initial year 1 placement, she was attached to a private hospital. That particular organisation only allows students to observe procedures thus restricting and limiting clinical skills applied on patients by those student nurses. Attachment to my ward was a culture shocking experience hereby she felt stressed as she had not encountered a busy ward with diversed acute and chronic patients. I emphatised with Joyce as I was aware a private hospital might not always be the right atmosphere for students to put in use their clinical practises. She also voiced out her intimidation in this new setting thus this...
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