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Topics: Kinesthetic learning, Education, Learning styles Pages: 14 (4815 words) Published: March 31, 2013
A critical analysis of an individual child’s observed learning behaviour during a teaching session and analysis of the implications for their further learning and their support needs (i.e. the TA’s possible role in supporting and developing further learning) (1500 words)

This essay is about how I, as a teaching assistant (TA), develop my understanding of how my learners learn and develop. I will rename the teacher as Ms K and the students as student M throughout the context. I have been assisting Ms K in Year 2C class for 3 months. The subject of the observation is student M from Iran, whose learning I analysed during a 40 minutes English lesson. I have known the student for 3 months, and as treats me like a friend, is honest and open with me. He discusses his favourite movies, toys, games and even confides in me. I have noticed that he is loquacious and as I give him more time, he has a closer relationship with me as compared to Ms K. I tend to spend my time with my learners during breaks. I have never experienced problem communicating with student M as he is able to speak good English, although he sometimes struggles with reading and writing. According to Janine Murphy ‘A teacher must be flexible and observant…’ (2011), so as a TA, I feel I should be more observant of the strengths, interests and learning needs of my learners.

Student M is from Iran and is 8 years old. He is slightly overweight and one of the tallest in the class. He does not like to sit at the same place for a long time and he prefers waking around the class and dancing.

I often see him bullying his friends, pushing them break, hitting them whenever he likes and also annoying them by singing loudly in class. He is quite sensitive when someone scolds him, but he never cries. He communicates well with other students and teachers. Moreover, he enjoys Physical Education (PE) and Dance most, as he gets to be more active and he works finely in group activities. He seems to hate English and this is maybe due to the way Ms K delivers her lessons which may not be able to conducive to his kinaesthetic learning style. The majority of the students in 2C class also seem to have a kinaesthetic style. According to David Glen “Almost certainly, you were told that your instruction should match your students learning styles…Now four psychologists argue that you were told wrong. There is no strong scientific evidence to support the “matching” idea…” (2009) I totally do not agree with that statement because I feel that by complying the needs of a learner will actually make them more interested to learn something rather than just wasting time in a place where they do not like. There are for 4 aspects I have observed, learning style:

1. Personality and Learning style
2. Experience and interest
3. Stage of development
4. Abilities

We keep hearing things like, “My mind works better when I’m doing something physical, like running or walking.” “I like spending all my free time in the open air.” “I enjoy working with my hands.” All these form kinaesthetic intelligence. According to Ian Ducket “Kinaesthetic learners usually tend to remember things that they do and experience and may tend to tap their pencil or pen during a lesson…” (n.d) As a TA I would try my best to make sure my learners will experience a perfect learning environment with suitable resources used to help them to understand more effectively. According to learning specialist, Pat Wyman, M.A., concept

“…is the importance of matching input and output in teaching. For example, it may be obvious to anyone that a child cannot acquire the skill of swimming (output) by reading about it in a book. He has to get in the water and practice the skill (input)…” (2012)

LESSON DELIVERED BY MS K ON 14/112011 FROM 10.40am – 11.20am
I have chosen English lesson to observe and it is a teaching session of one...
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