Learning and Meg Whitman

Topics: Learning, Skill, Leadership Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Name: Trương Bích NgọcClass: BA9/1
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The leader, who I admire and choose to analyze, is Meg Whitman (Margaret Cushing Whitman). She has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Hewlett-Packard Company and held the important positions of other companies. The position, which made her to become a famous and successful CEO, was the CEO of eBay. * Analyze the personal characteristics of Meg Whitman:

Beginning with her childhood, she was an excellent student and got an M.B.A from Harvard Business School in 1979. The first thing we get form her in her management qualities is command of the basic facts. Meg Whitman graduated from the best and famous university so that she had basic theories, knowledge and information to get a base to become a great leader. We can’t success without information or knowledge. She had to work as a new employee for other different companies. Firstly, she worked at Proctor and Gamble, where she learned the valuable listen. After that, she became a business manager of Bain, where she acquired these traits of listening, learning, co-operating, building relationships. She tried to get and learn more these skill. The social skill and abilities do not only help her to be social but also help her understand that the collaboration is very important. She learned that collaborating is the better way to get the performances done. Meg Whitman applied these skills into her works when she managed at eBay. EBay works base on the internet, but in 1998, it wasn’t popular. The technology was still new and was developing. She had to improve her basic information and knowledge to make it become the relevant professional knowledge. She couldn’t manage eBay without learning information of technology, so she learned by herself. Her type of driver behavior is trying harder. She always discovered something else and pushed herself to get higher revenue. She saw the future of eBay and got...
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