Learning and Matilda

Topics: Learning, English-language films, Need Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The main character in the book Matilda written by Ronald Dahl, is a little young girl named Matilda Wormwood. Matilda is just a smart girl on the reading grind. Matilda is a great person who is struggling in a family she is not like. Even though he is struggling she is going through some powers. After getting away from the family she is not like she thought she was happier and didn’t have to use her powers anymore. In the book Matilda by Ronald Dahl Matilda is a smart girl because she is intelligent, book-smart, and gifted. Matilda loves to read and learn. She is book-smart. She had to walk the 10 blocks to get to the public library so she could read as many books as she could after her mom came from bingo. I think she had to do it herself if she wanted it. Also, she brought 10 books home when she found out she could take them home. All of this told me that she was book-smart. Matilda is so educated. She is intelligent. When she went to school she answered a problem that was not on her grade level. I think knowing something on an higher level, means you either need to go to an upper grade or go to a school for smart people. She was intelligent since she learned something that most people don’t know until they are at least 30 years old. Which is how to be independent. Matilda is magically gifted. She has a gift that no one has which is the gift of knowledge. When she needs something all she has to do is think hard and look at it an it will do what she wants it to do. I think knowledge to get something to do what you want it to do is the best gift. I see she is born different in a lot of good ways.
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