Learning and Good Manager

Topics: Learning, Trait, Characteristic Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Good managers are born, not made. Discuss this idea whilst exploring key characteristics of an effective manager. For a long time, many people have questioned whether a good manager is born naturally, or they can learn and train to become a good manager. For people who think that a good manager is born, they believe that an effective manager is born with some specific skills and characteristics that ordinary people do not have. “Charisma and trait are qualities which are generated from inside a person” (Junaid 2010). However, a stronger believes in nobody born with perfect competence. In fact, it is rarely to find people who just naturally good at anything. Achievement in life requires hard work, experience, and skills (Lash, J. 2007). Everyone can develop by learning and training to become better. They can change their attitude and acquire appropriate capability and attribute that required for a good manager. It is ambiguous in the aspect of good managers are born, not made, because there are many evidences and researches that explain how ordinary people can become a good manager. First and foremost, people who support the first reason that nature select a specific group of people to be a good manager by giving charisma and trait. According to Weber (1947) as cited by Raktabutr (2007), supernatural and particular forces grant charisma which is a precise quality of a personality to extraordinary person. Charisma and trait are the main factors that can make anyone become a well manager. For example, motivation is one of the key characteristic of an effective manager which is generate from inside, this type of characteristic is difficult to learn and understand. In such circumstance a proficient manager can considered as a leader, they have to know how to motivate other people in workplace. As Edward Deci (n.d.) as cited by Llewellyn and Holt (n.d.) write in why we do what we do: Understanding self-motivation. A place that feels connected, independent, and...
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