Learning and Development

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Explain why the ‘systematic’ approach to Learning & Development is so important for organisation, and identify some of the critical success factors in its adoption.


Learning and development achieve aims for individuals and for the organisations performance management. Learning and development can help organisations to improve performance, meet their strategic objectives or become high performing organisations, want to increase profits, increase market share and provide better services for customers. Foot & Hook (2008), in order to achieve these things performance management is the key to help recruit, select, develop, motivate and retain the most talented people.

In recent years organisations have switched from training and development to learning and development in order to help develop the knowledge of workers as fully as possible due to the fact that organisations have moved from being a large manufacturing economy to a more flexible service and knowledge based society. Therefore learning and development is mostly still commonly known as training and development but ‘learning’ is a far better expresses than ‘training’, as training is about the organisation and learning is about the person as according to businessballs.com (2010)

If organisations want to encourage learning in order to retain its employees. They must encourage learning and to develop a culture that recognises learning in a number of different ways and to provide experiences to learn but not all organisations tend to encourage learning and development.

According to Foot & Hook 2008 the UK government has many ways to encourage learning and development initiatives such as offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), new deal and apprenticeships so that this can help organisations be proactive in the learning and development environment.

Kelly (2010), when entering a new job or responsibility, people would usually have already acquired a certain amount of knowledge, skills and attitudes. These can be gained from previous education, influence of social and cultural background and life experiences. Therefore training would take place to perform their job better and constitute to a learning experience.

Learning experience would have to be designed to meet an each individual’s needs therefore organisations would need to use a step by step process in order to design a learning experience, in which a systematic approach would help the organisations to do this.

A systematic approach helps ensure a comprehensive training process that focuses on the organisation’s needs. A systematic approach can be often referred to the systematic training cycle (see appendix 1.1). The training cycle includes a number of phrases which are:

1. Assessing the learning needs

It is important for organisations to assess what learning and development is needed within their organisations for its departments, teams and individuals. As according to Rubus Associates (2008), this is the most important part as failure to get the analysis right it would mean that the learning solution would not be right.

Learning and development can be assessed in many ways and is often done for individuals using the performance appraisal process or personal development review. To do this the person organising the Learning and development event or process would need to be clear about what the individual, team or organisation needs to know or to be able to do or the competencies they need to have acquired after the learning and development has taken place.

The first task is to analyse the individual’s existing job role to understand how the proposed change will impact on the job role as the systematic training cycle will help with demonstrating the gap between what is presently accomplished and what will need to be accomplished.

To assess the learning needs, it is important to set clear objectives for the learning and development training so that this can...
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