Learning and Competencies

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Personal Plan

* Personal education and career goals.

My personal education goal is to create a study plan where I can have time to do my everyday activities. My number one thing to do is work. I have to work five days, sometimes six days per week. I found SAMRT goals as a very good tool to create a realistic study plan. Improving my math, writing, and reading skills are some of more important subjects as an English learner student because learning how to write and speak in an academic way is the number one object I should learn to fit perfectly in a professional environment, and because I like math. I also attached to do my best and work hard to get my degree as a personal and educational goal because that is the reason I want to go to school, and get educated.

My career goal is focused on getting a job that I like, and that has a healthy and good environment where I enjoy what I do. Getting my Bachelor’s degree of Science in Business with a Concentration in Sustainable Enterprise Management is the first step to accomplish my career goals. My goals would be to rich a position financially established where I can sustain my family and myself, be a leader, to join in the green marketing, to develop new ways to generate energy in al healthier way, to reduce pollution; there are so many good belongings I can accomplish in this subject. One more of my career goals attached is to buy my own house. I am confident of myself that I can reach and accomplish every of my goals, if not, most of them, once I get my degree and after I had started enrolling in this subject.

* How should your career interest and competencies help guide you in your personal academic journey?

I think the effort I put in school, and the desire to stay in school comes from my career interest. This could lead me to the right direction. Doing things I am interested in, or doing stuffs I like can take me to where I want to be,...
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