Learning and Aisha Grandmother

Topics: Learning, Skill, Intelligence Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Aisha she was a helpful girl , everyone was love she , because she has a big white heart, that what make Aisha a special and different girl , she was fifteen-year-old , and she decided to learn first aid so she can offer a helping hand when someone need. Aisha never imagined that she would one day use the skills she learned in a first aid course at school to save a life. But that’s just what happened. Aisha was in her room studying while her grandmother was preparing dinner. Suddenly Aisha heard a loud crash and her grandmother screaming.Aisha rushed to the kitchen. Her grandmother had slipped on the wet floor and crashed into the sliding-glass door. She had deep gashes in her leg and knee. Aisha knew that she had to get help because her grandmother was losing a lot of blood. She ran to the phone and called for an ambulance. Then, remembering her first aid course, Aisha tried to stay calm. She took a clean towel and put pressure on her grandmother’s knee, while she reassured her that help was on the way. Paramedics arrived minutes later. After an operation, Aisha grandmother’s started physical therapy to help her walk again. After that everyone hear about Aisha’s heroic actions. And Aisha says “ I don’t think I’m a hero, l did what I am supposed to do toward my grandmother” and she says, “Thanks to the first aid course, I learned just what to do in an emergency”.

Learner Name: Zeinab Abdikafi Dalmar
ID Number: 200003238
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