Learning About Yourself While Traveling Abroad

Topics: Religion, Faith, Travel Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: April 25, 2011
ContentThere are so many different things you can learn by travelling, especially outside the country you have lived in. The most important lessons however, are those you learn about yourself. When you travel, you will find out how good you are at adapting to local customs and also how easily you make new friends and create connections with those you meet. It can be very challenging to adapt your lifestyle to that you will experience while traveling abroad. Not only will the language likely be different, you will encounter new foods, different traditions and beliefs and will be expected to follow different rules of etiquette. If you have an open mind you will more easily be able to enjoy these differences. New foods are more exciting than scary, just see if you can find out the basic ingredients of unfamiliar dishes to make sure you don’t eat something that you are allergic to or that goes against your religious beliefs. Different traditions and beliefs can be appreciated without tarnishing your own belief system. Don’t feel obligated to participate in something if it goes against your principles, but don’t put down the beliefs of those in the country you are visiting. Finally, the rules of etiquette differ greatly around the world, read up on what is expected of you before you begin your travels to avoid embarrassment. You will find out very quickly how well you make new friends and connections. Many people have made lifelong friends while they are traveling internationally. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet those from the country you are visiting, you may be lucky enough to meet others who are visiting as well. It can be very easy to connect with others who are also experiencing a foreign culture. You will have to make sure your communication skills are at their peak, since there will likely be language barriers with many people you meet.
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