Learning about the Hong Kong Community

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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In August, I left my hometown and came to Hong Kong to start my university life. In my previous view, Hong Kong is an international important financial, servicing, and shipping transportation center. However, when I step on the city to experience her by myself, there are many amazing things same or different with my thought. The first thing I feel amazed at is buildings. Compared with those in my hometown Changchun, the buildings in Hong Kong are so high. When I raise my head, I can’t even see the head of some buildings. The space area of each building is smaller than expected, and they are placed so close to each other, just like match boxes. Later on, I have learned that it is because the land area of Hong Kong is too small for so much people living here. Therefore, the price of land is also very expensive. Seeing so many zeros after the number in the price of an apartment near our dorm, I can’t imagine how an ordinary young person can buy a house by his or her own effort. When I see the pictures about Hong Kong people’s living conditions in different times, I feel shocked at such great changes taken place in Hong Kong those years. From the low shanties in slum area to today’s skyscrapers, I understand the economic development of Hong Kong and the change of people’s living standard. However, although living condition has changed a lot and the government introduced living policy, it’s still always difficult to own a house for a family. Until now, a large percent of families only afford to rent a small public house. From that, I face the reality for the first time and have learnt the difficulty to live a life in a flourishing big city. Besides, I turn my angle of view from a single person to the whole community and begin to care about the people in the bottom level of the community. Although I have known before that the gap between the wealthy and poor in Hong Kong is very large, but the poorness of some people especially women and immigrants from China mainland...
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