Topics: Climate change, Earth, Climate Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Laritza Zepeda
February 2, 2013
ENGL 101

Two years ago when I was in Oklahoma for summer vacation visiting my aunt and cousins I realized how much different it was from the city. Even upstate, New York is much different than from the city. I am the type of gal that loves nature and I love all animals from a distance and I highly respect Mother Nature. Unlike me others do not, others feel they are allowed to mistreat animals and the earth they stand on. As people continue to destroy and disrespect Mother Nature not only are they destroying the ground they stand on, but they are also destroying homes and changing the climate.

People do not realize destroying Mother Nature also means destroying their homes. Nature, I believe, is a very strange, if not intense and exciting miracle that frequently works in various, if unusual ways. Mother Nature can be incredibly beautiful, yet ugly. It can be gentle and yet very harsh. Nature can also be calm, and yet it can also be uncontrolled, wreaking much havoc and destruction towards anything and/or everything in its path. Unfortunately, many people are neither diplomatic enough nor educated enough to show a certain amount of healthy respect for nature, which has frequently led to disastrous results. Mother Nature is pure and it all has a time for when things are supposed to happen. Everything is supposed to remain in perfect balance, but when people are trying to fast forward into time and try to change how things are supposed to happen the balance gets destroyed. Therefore nature takes its course to try and recreate its balance, therefore destruction comes along. I was always taught that “our mother” (Mother Nature) has eyes and would seek to those who destroyed “her” grounds. I usually do not understand why people think they have the right to disrespect Mother Nature and animals. For one “our mother” provides for us, and animals help us out such as, helping developed many medicines and surgical techniques. Many...
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