Learned Business Concepts from “in Good Company”

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Learned Business Concepts from “In Good Company”
Monica Howell
LED 603 Organizational Leadership

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Evaluating and developing effective leadership styles and techniques is invaluable within an organization. Many lessons and developmental principles can be learned by reviewing potential successes and failures within companies. Understanding these lessons and proper use business concepts is imperative to the overall growth and development of any organizations. Some of these principles, such as the complexities of leadership styles, organizational direction and business ethics, can be seen within the movie “In Good Company”.

Business Concepts 3
Learned Business Concepts from “In Good Company”
There are three primary learned business concepts displayed in the movie “In Good Company”. The business concepts include; complexities of leadership styles, organizational direction and business ethics. In the overall life of an organization there are some leaders portray positive and productive leadership styles but there are others that are negative and can even be detrimental to the organization. It is the responsibility of an organization to help their leaders grow (Heifetz, 2008, p. 13). They should also get rid of those who either resist growth or refuse to change. An additional business concept that should be provided is organizational direction. Business must have a clearly defined organizational direction and purpose. By setting goals, implementing the goals, gain feedback and then make the needed revisions. This allows a business to move in a productive direction and allows employees a chance to voice opinions. The lack of this business concept can leave an organization struggling and wasting valuable resources. Business ethics or the lack of business ethics is also just as valuable to the long-term success or failure of a business organization. If ethics are lacking then trust and respect can quickly disappear. Without these ingredients a business organization will most likely fail either from within or from out(Johnson & Johnson, 2009, p. 462). In the movie “In Good Company” a successful sports magazine Sports America is being bought-out by a larger company called Globecom. When this happens many associates at Sports America begin to fear for their employment livelihood. Globecom brings in preferred hand-picked leadership to restructure and build the organizations success. Globecom has a plan to increase the magazines advertising profits by using businesses that Globecom already owns. When this does not help to create the desired increase in profits the magazine makes the decision to cut salaries by firing members of the magazines original advertising and management staff. Dan, who was the senior leadership member and Business Concepts 4

manages the entire advertising department, does not like how his former team is being handled. Though he tries to step in help, it will eventually cost him a long time friend. Dan also has problems with his new direct manager, Carter. Carter, who is half the age of Dan, is an extremely intelligent young man. The problem is that Carter has very little to no experience in running a magazine or an advertising department. Carter is not very good with the clientele He does not seem to fit in very well around the office. These problems trouble Dan and many times put him at odds with management. Dan is ultimately faced with potentially losing his job. Nevertheless, Dan continues to be loyal to the magazine and works diligently. Even Carter recognizes and communicates Dan’s knowledge, skills and abilities to Globecom’s executive managers. In the end though, Dan makes what is perceived to be a fatal mistake. Dan openly questions the owner of Globecom, Teddy K. and his bizarre organizational development ideas, in front of the entire organization. Globecom’s executives hastily attempt to fire Dan after the direct...
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