Learn Icelandic in 10 Minutes

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Learn Icelandic in 10 min
Below are some words of Icelandic and a little about the pronunciation of Icelandic. More...

í/ý       as the English ee in feel
ú         as the English oo in school
u         similar to the German ö in schön, or the French e in le æ        as the English i in ice
ei/ey    as the English a in fate
ó         similar to the English o in old
au diphthong starting as ö and ending with a y-sound, similar to the French feuille é as the English ye in yes
-ng, -nk before –ng, -nk, i is pronounced as í, e as ei, u as ú, ö as au, o as ó, a as á. Ð/ð      as the English th in that
Þ/þ      as the English th in think

Terms and phrases
Hello                        Halló
Good morning              Góðan daginn
Good evening            Gott kvöld
Good night                Góða nótt
Goodbye                   Bless
See you                    Sjáumst
Hi                            Hæ Yes                          Já
No                           Nei
Thank you                Takk fyrir
Excuse me               Afsakið
Sorry                       Fyrirgefðu Perhaps                   Kannski
Not                          Ekki
Stop!                       Stans
money                     peningar
creditcard                 kreditkort
foreign exchange      gjaldeyrisskipti
coins                       mynt
map                        kort
address                   heimilisfang
bagage                    farangur
car                          bíll
taxi                         leigubíll stamp                     frímerki
post office               pósthús
What                      Hvað
Where                    Hvar
When                     Hvenær?
Who                       Hver?
Why                       Hvers vegna? campsite                tjaldstæði
doctor                    læknir
telephone               sími
toilet                      snyrting
Youth Hostel           Farfuglaheimili
beer       bjór...
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