Learn from Failures as Well as Success

Topics: Error, Failure, Success Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: May 30, 2013
There is no finality about failure, said Jawaharlal Nehru. Perhaps, that is why learning from failure is easier than learning from success, as success often appears to be the last step of the ladder. Possibilities of life, however, are endless and there are worlds beyond the stars-which is literally true. What appears as success in one moment may turn out to be a failure or even worse in the next moment.We often do not know what is failure and what is success ultimately. There are examples of people who became wealthy but renounced all their wealth achieved after a lifetime's effort. The kings like Bharthrihari gave up their kingdoms because of their failure in love. The Duke of Windsor abdicated the throne of England for marrying an American divorcee Miss Simpson.While we can see our failures clearly, success is prone to blind our vision. Yet, the time-world that we live in is a mixture of pain and pleasure, sorrow and delight, light and darkness, success and failure! Success as well as failure are parts of our life and experience. We gain from both and also lose from both. Failure dejects us, success delights us, but experience accretes them both. After a while, success also loses its shine just as failure loses its sting. An aware person learns from both successes and failures of life and begins to see life what it is. Most people try to achieve what they want. They either fail or succeed in getting what they want.In a difficult world trial and error become our way of solving life's problems. Yet there are escapists who avoid undertaking the trial because they are scared of meeting failure or committing the error.

They, perhaps, consider making mistake as wrong and harmful but the fact is that, for most of us, trial and error are both helpful and necessary.Error provides the feedback for building the ladder to success. Error pushes one to put together a new and better trial, leading through more...
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